Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Draw: FGC Ladies Open, 17th/18th October, 2009

Draw: FGC Ladies Open
Sponsored by Vinod Patel Ltd.

Saturday 17th October, 2009

8.00 am


K. Watling

R. Peters

P. Luteru

8.10 am

S. Yee

A. Dunn

S. Brook

S.J. Seo

8.20 am

M. Browne


J.R. Yoon

H. Pickering

8.30 am

S.H. Lim

V. Eaton

R. Sue

S.M. Bae

8.40 am

C. Chang

D. Chew

F. Shin


8.50 am

C. Mariner

G.R Kim


E. Marsden

9.00 am

J.S. Kim

N. Kullack

P. Cao

9.10 am

L. Spurling

C. Kim

R. Eastgate

9.20 am

C. Thomas

Y.S. Lee

N. Zhang

9.30 am

B. Nasara

K. Kwon

C. Kwon

Late entries please contact Hilary Pickering on 9914244 or Margie Browne on 9232834.

Sunday Draw (18th October) will be seeded according to scores.