Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tsunami Appeal: Message from Club President

Bula All.

It is my intention to hold a Fundraising tournament for the tsunami victims for our neighbouring friends and families in Tonga and Samoa on Saturday 31st October in conjunction with our normal Saturday competition.

What this means is that we will charge a higher fee for the day and will give the club the normal competition fee and the rest to go towards the fundraising.

Some of you may remember that we had held a similar tournament in early 2005, but for the Asian Tsunami victims which had hit Indonesia in late 2004. We raised $10,000 towards this appeal.

I would like to form a committee to organise this. Please let me know if you could help.

We would also be looking at finding some sponsors for the tourney and I would like to appeal to you all if you could assist me in obtaining some.

Please email or call me should you have some great ideas to make this a success.

Kind Regards


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