Thursday, August 4, 2011

Revised Draw Format for Future Monthly Medal Tournaments

Due to noncompliance by most of our members not adhering to official draws for monthly medal tournaments, the Committee had revised a new draw format, which will be administered by a starter during the day of the tournament.

The starter will put all the score cards for players, who have registered for the tournament in a box. Four players, whose cards are drawn out of a hat at random, will form a team of four, whose tee off time etc. will then be confirmed/determined by the starter.

The revised draw arrangement would help to minimize current preferential system where players choose their preferred team members. Further, the Committee considers that the sponsors would also get a mileage out of such arrangements.
The Committee had also approved that the revised draw format will be initially implemented at the next monthly medal tournament and will continue thereafter.

The Committee would like to ask all members for their understanding and cooperation of the change, please.
There are no changes in draw formats for other major tournaments e.g. FGC Open, Qualifying Round etc. However, appropriate penalties will apply in accordance with the rules of golf, where necessary.