Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Annual East-West Golf Challenge

Nadi Airport Golf Club will host an annual East-West golf challenge on Sunday at the Nadi Airport Golf Club.

Team East usually comprises of representatives from the Fiji Golf Club, Pacific Harbor and Labasa Golf Club. However, Labasa will not be represented this year.

The East will be represented in three categories – A, B and C grades by  Olaf Allen (Jnr), PC Goundar, Marika Vada, Eric Nand, Seresio Tuidawa (PH), Zia Buksh, Epi Delai  (PH), Ravinesh Goundar, Nagel Goundar, Robert Harness (PH), Ashok Goundar, Robert Li, David Oakley, Filimoni Kau, Mohammed Rizwan, Ramesh Goundon, Frank Chan, Ram Lochan, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Ravin Lal, Eric Shandil, Manish Deo,  Arvind Goundar and  Wiliki Takiveikata.

The bus taking the East team will depart from the Fiji Golf Club at 8.00 am on Saturday and pick up the contingent from the Pacific Harbor at Pacific Harbor on the way to Nadi .

The Team East has been outfitted by Digicel. Thank you Digicel for your support.