Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vijay Pillai Wins Monthly Medal

V K Pillai (left) Receiving His Prize From Sponsor, Shiu Nand Sharma

It was another beautiful sunny day again at Vatuwaqa on Saturday for this month’s monthly medal. The event, which was sponsored by Mechanical Services Ltd. had attracted yet another good turnout of golf enthusiasts. One hundred and eighteen golfers played in the tournament.

The fairways were in top conditions.
Vijay K Pillai, 67 net, won the monthly medal in A grade. The second and third prizes in the A grade were won by Satia Nand Prasad, 68 net on countback from a BSP executive, Cecil Browne.
The B grade monthly medal was won by G Kinnear, 67 net, while Adish Naidu, 68 net won the second prize on countback from Mohit Prasad, who won the third prize in the grade.
Alfred Tuatoko, 71 net won the monthly medal in the C grade. The second and third prizes in the grade were won by Govind Sami, 72 net and Ravindra Lal, 73 net.
Keshwa Reddy played four over, 76, won the best overall gross prize for the tournament.
V K Singh, played 2 over, 74 won a prize in the professional category.
A first division in the ladies’ category was won by JR Youn, 66 net while MH Park, 72 net won the second division in the category.
The two nearest-to-pin prizes were won by MH Park and Darryn Sunney on the second and sixteenth holes, respectively.
Alvin Sharma scored an eagle on the thirteenth hole, par 5.
The Managing Director of Mechanical Services Ltd. Shiu Nand Sharma had said during the prize giving ceremony that his company will continue similar sponsorship next year.
A Haroon Lateef memorial golf will be played on Saturday 05th Nov. Players are required to report to starter at a new revised time, 11.30 AM for a 12.30 PM tee off. The tournament has been sponsored by ICE group who are Haroon’s golf associates.