Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pin Positioning on Greens

Some of you may have seen/noticed three different colors of flags have been used on the greens depending on where a pin is positioned.

Thanks to FMF Foods Ltd. the position of a pin on the green in respect to an approach to the green is indicated by either one of three colors of a flag on Pin - red, white or yellow. The color coding should assist players in choosing appropriate clubs for their next stroke.

The flags on Pins are color coded as follow:

RED Pin is positioned in the front part of the green.

WHITE Pin is positioned in the middle part of the green.

YELLOW - Pin is positioned at the back part of the green.

 So if you are approaching a green next time, please take a note of the color of the flag before choosing a club.

Fiji Golf Club would like to thank FMF Foods Ltd. for the sponsorship of the flags.