Monday, January 2, 2012

Rishi Ram Wins 2012 Jonati Mavoa Trophy

Former chairman of the Public Service Commission, Rishi Ram won a Turtle Club stalwarts hosted annual Jonati Mavoa memorial golf tournament at the Fiji Golf Club on Monday. The tournament, which was sponsored by MHCC had attracted a total of eighty five golfers to Vatuwaqa golf course. The course was in a top condition to play.

Although the day was little humid with a momentary light showers, a good number of golfers braved the weather to record some top scores.
The players contested for a Jonati Mavoa memorial trophy, which was won by Nemani Yavala last year. A player from any grade, who scores a best overall individual stableford points would win the trophy.
In addition, there were three prizes in each of men’s and two prizes for each of ladies’ divisions.

Furthermore, there were also two nearest-to-pin prizes on offer.
The Jonati Mavoa trophy for 2012 was won by the former Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Rishi Ram on countback from Arun Prasad. Ram and Prasad had each scored impressive 44 stableford points in the tournament.
The men’s A grade was won by S C Kim, who scored 42 individual stableford points, while Robert Williams, 40 stableford poins won a second prize. A third prize in the grade was won by S N Prasad, 39 points on countback.

K Fujita won a first prize in men’s B grade, while Falo Kei, 39 points won a second prize on countback from Jai Lal also on 39 points.
Arun Prasad, who lost to Rishi Ram on countback won a first prize in men’s C grade. Wang Hou, 43 points and Alvin Goundar, 42 points won second and third prizes, respectively in the grade.

There were two prizes each on offer in the ladies’ silver and bronze divisions. Kelera Watling, 40 points and Claire Mariner, 35 points won first and second prizes respectively in the ladies’ silver division. The ladies bronze division was won by Y P Lee, 43 points, while K L Singh, 35 points collected a second prize.
The nearest-to-pin prize for the second hole was won by T Hussain, while prize for the twelfth hole was won by Vijay Madhavan.

The event ended with a cocktail hosted by the Turtle Club for the participants during the prize giving.