Tuesday, May 7, 2019

After torrential rain in the week proceeding, the course was back in great condition for our Monthly Medal on Saturday sponsored by Industrie Safety & Civil Ltd.
Our winners were :-
A Grade              1st V K Singh      
                             2nd Ramesh Gounden
                             3rd Olaf Allen Jr
B Grade                             1st Shaun Wang
                             2nd Shalen Prasad
                             3rd Gregory Browne
C Grade                             1st Alex Lord
                             2nd Vae Joon Lee
                             3rd Ravindra Lal
Division 1           1st Merelita McCarthy
                             2nd Dawi Jee
Division 2           1st Pauline Morris
                             2nd Mua Rawlinson
Professionals     Ricky McCulloch
Best score of the day went to Alex Lord with a net 66.
Pennants Business House Golf was played on Sunday with the following results :-
Rosy Hearts beat Solar Systems 4-2
Jacks Rentals beat Williams & Gosling 4-2
BSP ties with TPR Warehouse 3-3

In our mid-week competitions we saw the following results :-
Ladies Tuesday Competition
Division 1           1st Agnes Managreve
                             2nd Marica Margetts
                             3rd Margie Browne
Division 2           1st Eun Hee Kim
                             2nd Pauline Morris
                             3rd Susan Yee
Wednesday  BSP Finance Ball Run Down
1st                        Itendra Nair
2nd                        Bhaskaran Nair
3rd                        Gardiner Whiteside
Friday Rooster Poultry Chook Run
1st                        Shalen Prasad
2nd                        Mark Swarmy
3rd                        Vijay Madhavan