Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dear Members,

Our Monthly Medal competition on Saturday will be the first round of our FMF Golfer of the Year competition.

This competition will run based on our Saturday competitions plus any of our major tournaments over multiple days such as the Suva Open or Club Championships.

The top 20 scores from each day will receive points towards this event. Points will be based on :-

1st       25
2nd      23
3rd      21
4th      19
5th      18
6th      17
7th      16
8th      15
9th      14
10th    13
11th    12
12th    11
13th    10
14th    9
15th    8
16th    7
17th    6
18th    5
19th    4
20th    3

These points are based on your net score and ladies and men will compete on the same basis. No separate mens’ or ladies’ prizes.

We will send out regular updates.

We would like to pass on our appreciation to Ram Bajekal and FMF for their sponsoring of this new event.

Vinaka and Kind Regards
Kevin McCarthy
Club Captain

Ph: 3382872 / 7089005